What to do during quarantine?

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Top things to do during the quarantine in 2021

things to do during quarantine

Suddenly, we have a lot of free time and due to the current situation not all of us know what to do with this time. I recommend you to try the Top 5 things that will help you to achieve your goals and cope with boredom.

5) The fifth place is to take a free course. I recommend you to take any course that may be interested you on Courseera. It’s one of the most useful online learning platforms which contains a huge number of courses from many famous universities in the world. There you can study at the level of students at Oxford or Cambridge. Really amazing platform.

4) Try to cook something delicious. Feel like a chef in a restaurant and cook a dish from a chef. You can make a game with your husband or friend who cooks the dish better.

3) Start learning a new language or improving the language that you already know. You can try free Apps or a book for learning languages.

2) Try to reproduce something you see on Pinterest. Probably fail. Try again.

1) And finally, number one. Learn a dance style on Youtube. It can be Hip-hop, Line Dancing, or Jazz Dance or any other style.

I hope you’ll find something interesting for yourself in this article. Share it with your friends to help them stay calm and do something interesting.

Stay safe. All the best to you and your family!

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