Pomodoro technique: how to use in 2022?

Pomodoro technique: how to use in 2022?

The Pomodoro technique is one of the useful time management methods that was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s.

This method helps to concentrate on one task at one time because we have so many distractions during our work. The Pomodoro technique is designed to help students, working moms, and other people who want to make more for the same period of time.

Tools that you need to start:

–           Piece of paper or planner

–           A pen

–           Timer on your phone or clock with timer

Instead of paper and pen, you can use an App but I prefer using my planner.

Pomodoro technique steps:

1)         Write down all your tasks for today

2)         Define how much time do you need to finish the tasks.

3)         Choose the most time-consuming and do them first.  

4)         Set a timer. I use a timer on my Apple Watch. Traditionally, it’s 25 minutes, but I use maximum 40 minutes to work on one task

5)         Start working on the first task

6)         Take a 5-minute break

7)         Repeat the steps 4,5 for every task from the list

Here is an example how I use this time management technique in my planner:

Pomodoro technique pros and cons.

There are some for and against as with any other time management method.

Pomodoro technique advantages:

–           Control your time and manage distractions

–           Increase productivity

–           Keep you motivated

–           More concentration and focus

Pomodoro technique disadvantages:

–           Can become a productivity prison if you plan all your free time

–           Not for all 25- or 40-minutes task works because some people can be concentrated on one important task for 1 hour and after a break, they need to start again from the very beginning

–           If you are interrupted during your work on a task, you need to start the next task from the list but I just continue working on the same task and set a timer again

–           We all have many interruptions at the office, so it’s difficult to use the Pomodoro technique 

This is my Pomodoro technique review. Hope you found something useful for yourself.

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