A Bullet Journal method: how to use in 2022?

Recently I’ve tried a new system to organize my time. It’s a famous Bullet Journal method that was created by Ryder Carrol. By the way, the book is amazing. I recommend you to read it.

The bullet journal method helps me to organize not only my time but my whole life as well. To get started, you only need a notebook and a pen.

I use only a paper notebook and, in this post, I’ll show my bullet journal spreads.

Let’s start from the first page – Inbox.

bullet journal starting
bullet journal first page

The next spread is the monthly log, and every month I use a different design and here is an example:

On the next page after the monthly spread, should be made the bullet journal future log:

bullet journal future log setup

Sometimes I use a bullet journal weekly spread but not very oft:

bullet journal weekly spread minimalist

The most useful spread for me is the bullet journal daily log. Usually, I use my Filofax daily refills, but not always:

bullet journal ideas daily

I love bullet journaling because I can create everything in my planner that I need to keep or track, so I have some bullet journal spread ideas. I have a cute puppy. Her name is Daisy, and I need to keep some information about her, so I create this collection: 

bullet journal pet

I created this bullet journal pet tracker for her:

beginning bullet journal pages

I have many other Bullet Journal collections, so I just post them here:

how to start a bullet journal
bullet journal examples
bestbullet journal collections
bullet journal collection ideas

If you want to know more about my experience, just watch my video with some bullet journaling tips: 

Hope you enjoyed my post. Wish you to be inspired to create something useful for yourself!